1. Location and Terms and Conditions of Use

Rapido A-Class i90 – Distinction” is meant to be used in any location of Portugal or other countries of the European Union.For this purpose, it will be necessary to ascertain the suitability and capacity of the “Lessee”.

The “Lessee” must take care of the vehicle, making sure that is correctly locked and safe when is not being operated.Must supply the appropriate fuel, and connect and use any safety device installed in the vehicle with care, if any.

The “Lessee” undertakes not to use or not allow the use of the vehicle in the following situations:

  • Transport of passengers or goods in violation of the law;
  • Sports or training events, whether official or not;
  • Let anyone use it under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that, directly or indirectly reduces the perception or reaction capacity;
  • Permission by persons holding a driving license for less than two years, and by persons who are not authorized drivers.

2. Duration

The duration of the rental period starts on the day and time when the vehicle is picked up by the “Lessee”, until the last day of the reservation. The vehicle should be returned on the same place where it was picked up.

The extension of the rental period beyond the dates delimited in the rental proposal is subject to approval.

If the rental period is prolonged, the “Lessee” undertakes to settle the obligations inherent in such extension.

3. Rates, Payments, Forms of Payment and Insurance

The “Lessee” will have to pay 50% of the total amount, to be able to proceed with the rental of the vehicle. The daily price depends on the days of rental of the equipment, and also of the different times of the year, taking into account the following table:

  • 1, 2 January – 230 €/night
  • January until 28 February – 110 €/ night
  • 1 March until 9 April – 140 €/ night
  • 10 April until 15 June – 180 €/ night
  • 16 June until 14 July – 205 €/ night
  • 15 July until 10 September – 230 €/ night
  • 11 September until 30 September – 205 €/ night
  • 1 October until 31 October – 180 €/ night
  • 1 November until 30 November – 140 €/ night
  • 1 December until 15 December – 110 €/ night
  • 16 December until 2 January – 230 €/ night.

The prices include VAT at the prevailing rate. We consider day, the day of collection of the vehicle in the place, and day, will be the days of use of said vehicle. Failure to observe the dates will lead to the non-deduction of the deposit in the total corresponding amount of the rental.

The”Lessee” expressly undertakes to pay the sums due and resulting fromthe conclusion of this contract, as soon as requested, namely:

  • Total price of the rental, considering the rentalperiod;
  • Any and all charges for the deduction of deductible ofpersonal accident coverage, crash coverage, collision and rollover, theftcoverage and any other applicable expenses in accordance with the rate or ratescontained in the general conditions of this contract;
  • All duties and taxes levied on the rental of the motorvehicle or the amount set by the Rental Company for the reimbursement of suchtaxes; – Fines, tolls, greenways or others.
  • All costs incurred by the company arising from thecollection of payments due by the “Lessee”.

When thereservations is made (online or by e-mail), and before the RV is picked up, 50%of the payment must be done. Before picking up the RV, the remaining amountmust be paid.
At the end of the rental period, upon return of thevehicle, it will be thoroughly inspected, and in case there is nothing toindicate, the value of the deposit will be returned to the “Lessee”.
Thepayment must be made via Bank Transfer, and will only be validated once it’savailable in the bank account.
Thevehicle is protected against all risks, with a 2% deductible.

4. Delivery and Return of the Vehicle

The “Lessee” declares that he / she has received the vehicleunder the conditions of use and cleaning, with the respective accessories anddocuments, mentioned in the contract and the joint verification documentdesignated “check-out” (Specific Conditions), undertaking to returnit under the same conditions in which it was received, at the place and datedesignated in the contract.
We will inspect the equipment and, in the case of damage caused by the”Lessee”, we will the collection of the respective indemnity (discountedin the collateral). The company can photograph the vehicle before and after therental to prove the damages.
The vehicle will be ready to be delivered on the day specified in thereservation. If an airport transfer was booked (back and forth), we will pickup the “Lessee” in the designated airport (Vigo, Santiago de Compostela or Oporto).
If the vehicle is used in breach of the contract, the company canterminate the contract and the vehicle must be returned by the lessee at theplace indicated, otherwise the vehicle will be withdrawn, under the law, at itsexpense, or be communicated to the authorities to the terms of the law for lossor theft.
The company is not liable for any loss of the Lessee or any other passenger,or for any personal belongings left in the vehicle during or after the rental.

5. Obligations

The company is obliged to:

  • To deliver the vehicle in good state of repair andoperation;
  • To deliver the vehicle with a full gas tank;
  • Accomplish the obligations contained in this contractin respect of maintenance and assistance, as well as not to perform any actsthat prevent or diminish the enjoyment of the use of the equipment by the”Lessee”.
  • Provide copies of the contract and terms andconditions and all necessary documents.

The “Lessee” is obliged to:

  • Inform the company in case of any accident orincident;
  • Return the vehicle in the same state of repair andcleaning, and with the same level of gas;
    • Keep the vehicle in good state of repair andoperation, making a proper use of it, respecting the road code and paying anyfines or transgressions resulting of the use of the equipment;
    • Not to make any assignment of the use of the vehicle,encumber it, sublet it, or give it any use other than that provided for in thiscontract;
    •  Respect all technicalindications provided by the company and make sure that the driving of thevehicle is done by enabled drivers.

6. Services

The “Lessee” may contract the following services:

      • Transfer to Vigo Airport, 70 € per reservation;
      • Transfer to Oporto Airport, 120  € per reservation;
      • Santiago de Compostela Airport, 145 € per reservation;

In case of an accident, the “Lessee”, must:

      • Inform the company and the policy any accident, theft,robbery or any other claims within the maximum of 24 hours;
      • Get the names, and addresses of all involved;
      • Do not leave the vehicle without taking the adequatemeasures to protect it;
      • Not assume any responsibility or plead guilty in thecase of any accident, which may imply the responsibility of the company;
      • Contact immediately the company, providing a detailedreport of the accident, including the report drawn up by the police;

Only the “Lessee” and the authorized drives can benefit of the insurancecoverage.
Even if the “Lessee” subscribes the full coverage, all damages arisingfrom the misuse of the vehicle, is responsibility of the “Lessee”.
In case of an accident due to speeding, negligence, driving under theinfluence of alcohol, narcotic drugs or consumption of any product that impairsdriving ability, the “Lessee” shall be liable for all repair costs of thecrashed vehicle, even if the maximum coverage was contracted.

7. Vehicle Assistance, Maintenance and Repair

The assistance of the vehicle should only be done by the company, or byanother entity through prior agreement and approval by the company.

8. Agreed Domicile

The parties agree to the addresses indicated in theContract for any contact, namely, for the purpose of citations ornotifications.

9. Informationand Clarifications

The company acknowledgesthat all the clauses contained in this contract have been timely and expresslycommunicated and explained and that the same has been aware of them, andtherefore signs this contract

10. Personal Data

The “Lessee” mustprovide at the beginning of the Contract his / her personal data and those ofthe driver (s) of the vehicle, for the purpose of their identification,expressly authorizing the company to process them.

The Company is the entity responsible for thecomputer processing of personal data provided under the contract.

Pursuant to Law no. 67/98, of October 28, Law ofProtection of Personal Data, issuers, their respective responsible parties and/ or named users are guaranteed access to their personal data for the purposeof, in particular, their rectification , Update, or modification.

11. Competent Court

For all matters anddisputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement, the exclusivejurisdiction of the Valença District Court is stipulated.

Competence to resolveconsumer disputes. In the event of a consumer dispute, defined in accordancewith the provisions of Law no. 144/2015 of 8 September, the consumer may resortto the competent alternative dispute resolution body, the CIAB – Information,Mediation and Consumer Arbitration (Consumer Arbitration Court), with thefollowing contacts: Rua D Afonso Henriques, nº 1, 4700-030 Braga, Telephone:253617604, Fax: 253 617 605, E-mail: geral@ciab.pt and Av. Rocha Paris, 103, 4900-394 Viana do Castelo, Phone:258809335, Fax: 258809389, E-mail: ciab.viana@cm-viana-castelo.pt