Before renting the RV, please make sure you take a look at these frequently asked questions.


  • 1. What is the minimum age to the rent an RV?
    There is no minimum age to rent an RV. The renter/driver should have the license for at least 2 years, and a valid Identity Card/Passport.

  • 2. What driving license regulations apply to the renting of an RV?
     You can rent the RV’s with regular B Driver’s License. You don’t need to have Driving license for heavy duty vehicles.

  • 3. How do I book my RV?
    You can book the RV, through the booking system in our website. Before making the booking, you can ask all the questions you want to our customer service team.

  • 4. Is there a minimum term of lease for renting an RV?
    Yes. You should rent the RV for a minimum of 3 days.

  • 5. Can I bring my pets with me?
    We love animals and we understand that they are part of the family and should experience this trip with you. Nevertheless, due to health and hygienic issues, we do not allow the presence of pets in the RV.


  • 6. Do you have a cancelation policy?
    Yes. In case you want to cancel your reservation, the following charges will be applied:
    – More than 50 days before the start date of the renting: No value will be charged;
    – From 49 to 15 days before the start date of the renting: 20% of the down payment;
    – Less than 15 days before the start date of the renting: 50% of the down payment;
    – On the same day as the renting starts: full down payment.

  • 7. Which payment methods do you accept?
    We accept payments via Bank Transfer.

  • 8. What services are included in the rental of the RV?
    When you rent the RV, you have full access to the RV thoroughly cleaned and with the tank filled with gas. You will also have the basic eating and cooking utensils that we expect you to handle like they were your own. Other services can be booked according to our availability and fees. Please check them out at the section “Extras”.

  • 9. What insurance benefits are included in the price?
    The vehicle rental includes insurance against all risks which is already included in the daily price.

Check In & Check Out

  • 11. Where can I make the check-in and check-out of the RV?
    You can pick-up and leave the RV in our warehouse. We also offer the possibility to pick you up in 3 different airports: Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Vigo (Spain) and Oporto (Portugal). This will have an additional cost, as stated in the Extras.

  • 12. Do I have to fill the Gas deposit before returning the RV?
    We give you the RV we the tank filled with gas, it is expected that you retrieve it the same way.

  • 13. Do I have to clean the RV?
    We give you the RV thoroughly cleaned, and we expect that you do the same when returning the RV to us.


  • 14. Do you offer information about the best places to visit?
    We have a specialized staff that will provide you all the information about all the special places you can visit in Portugal. Starting in the well-known cities and beaches, until the secrets of the Portuguese countryside.

  • 15. Do I have to pay tolls?
    Yes, in Portugal we have a dispositive named “Via Verde” that will allow you to pass on tolls without payment at the moment. The value will be discounted from your down payment. If you go outside of Portugal, you can pay directly on the tollboth, with cash or Credit Card.

  • 16. What happens if the RV has a problem?
    You should immediately contact us through our office phone number. Our customer support team will give the assistance needed.